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For Service Companies

Account Link Manager

Streamlined System Management


Handheld Wireless Devices

For Your Clients

Handheld Device
  • Enhance the quality of your customer service
  • Ensure efficient coverage of one or multiple accounts
  • Streamline your client communications
  • Monitor your field service employees
  • Create online accounts (accessible from any Internet-ready computer) for your clients
  • Receive service requests from your clients
  • Send Post-It® notes, photos, and documents to your clients
  • Review all service information from any Internet-ready computer
  • Archive your service data for a full five years
Products for Service Companies

World-Class Customer Care

As a service provider, your clients are constantly looking to you to satisfy their unique needs. When you put the power of REPORTRACK to work for you, you'll open up new doors to service and customer satisfaction.

Here's how it works:

One Device Does It All

Your field employees need only carry a single, convenient REPORTRACK handheld device. This device monitors travel time to and from each site, the time spent on each service property, any locations serviced on a property, and can be used to document any notes about the property. In addition, the device serves as a handy time clock, efficiently tracking the hours worked for each shift.

When your field staff ends their shift, they can quickly and easily upload their notes and data to your Web-based Account Management System (where it will be stored in your account for a full five years), whether they're out in the field or back in the home office. Then, from any Internet-capable computer you can quickly review all service information pertaining to a specific property (including detailed reports on actions taken by individual employees or full crews), what's been done (and what still needs to be done), and identify specific locations within a property that were serviced.

Continuous, Two-Way Communications

But the information flow isn't just one-way: With REPORTRACK, you can provide your clients with access to their own online account where they can review up-to-date service information on their properties. At a glance, clients can review a full range of information including the dates and times of service, and any notes about the service/property.

In addition, you and your office staff can post notes, photos, and documents in your Web-based Account Management System, which will then be automatically posted in your clients' online account.

Completing the communications cycle, your clients can post service requests, notes about their property, photos, and documents in their online account. This data will then automatically appear in your Web-based Account Management System for your review, and will be emailed to you and/or multiple people in your company so you can send off a quick response.

What better way to ensure ongoing, timely customer care? When you have REPORTRACK on your side, you can establish and maintain the types of customer contacts that yield lifelong relationships.

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