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Streamlined System Management

Handheld Device
  • Will receive your own online account from your service companies
  • Can review service information from any Internet-ready computer
  • Will be updated via notes, Post-It®, and documents from your service companies
  • Can post service requests, Post-It® notes, photos, and documents to your service companies
  • Will enjoy streamlined communications with your service companies
Products for your Clients

Can't Be There? REPORTRACK's The Next Best Thing

It's not always convenient for you to visit and keep track of your properties - in many cases, you may own or manage properties far away from your office or place of residence. REPORTRACK ensures that your property is being maintained in the way you intended by the service company you have engaged.

Service companies that use the REPORTRACK system can give their clients easy access to an online account, where they can review a full range of service information. By accessing your online account, REPORTRACK lets you instantly review all of the service information pertaining to your property. For example, you'll know exactly which dates and times a service took place, and you can review all of the notes about a specific service/property.

Enhancing Service Company Accountability

Keeping tabs on your service company can often mean endless cycles of phone-tag, and missed service opportunities. With REPORTRACK, you'll have an online account where you can post service requests, as well as property-specific notes, documents, and photos. These will then be automatically sent to your service company's Web-based Account Management System for their review, and will be delivered to them as an email to ensure a quick response to your request.

Best of all, your service company's staff can use their Web-based Account Management System to post notes, documents, and photos back to you. All of these communiqués will automatically be posted in your online account for your review, and you can receive emails about your property services as well.