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REPORTRACK - Providing Service Information Online

With a focus on the service industry, the REPORTRACK engineering team have combined the very best of today's leading-edge technology tools with a Web-based Account Management System to deliver REPORTRACK.

The REPORTRACK team understands the problems and frustrations service businesses encounter with their often-unwieldy mix of clients, office staff, field employees, service information, paper reports, service accountability … not to mention the occasional "miscommunications" with clients.

A Focus on Excellence

REPORTRACK has been comprised of a winning team of software engineers, programmers, customer service representatives, and managers who have brought the concept of REPORTRACK to life. This team spent a full year in obtaining market research, speaking and working with a variety of service companies in various industries (like yours!) to find out what would be beneficial and useful for your industry.

Now, by using today's Internet technology, the REPORTRACK Web-based Account Management System, and a convenient handheld device, service companies have unparalleled flexibility in end-to-end operational management. From any Internet-ready computer, users can:

  • Access and review service information
  • Efficiently monitor employee productivity
  • Provide clients with access to an online account, where they can review up-to-date service information for their respective properties
  • Document all client communications

With REPORTRACK, your data remains on hand as useful, usable information: all service and communication records are archived and stored in your Web-based Account Management System for a full five years.

Continuous Improvement

REPORTRACK is used by organizations of all types and sizes, from Fortune 500 corporations to growing enterprises. Like your company, REPORTRACK is constantly looking to improve its products and services to better provide account management solutions for our valued customers.

We pride ourselves on our customer service, support, training, engineering, and programming… and we look forward to establishing an ongoing relationship with you!

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